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“I like my job for many other reasons. It requires an enormous openness to constant learning, expanding knowledge, meeting new challenges and dynamic reaction to changes in curriculum. Positive feedback from our customers and learning that the resources  engage pupils and make the lessons more exciting, it is something that puts a smile on my face and I really get  job satisfaction.”

“I get much satisfaction knowing the resources we provide to schools help teachers champion the curriculum and enhance children’s learning. The Learning Resources Service is the extended service to the classroom. We use our expertise to compile bespoke boxes containing a treasure trove of resource items. I take pride in our ever-growing resource bank covering a vast array of topics.”

I have always had a strong appreciation for the power of books to inspire curiosity, empathy and joy. I am driven by a desire to make information as widely available, accessible and exciting as possible, and to ensure that children have equitable access to excellent resources for learning and personal development.

“I am a firm believer that children should have access to adequate library and books. As a librarian I would like to inspire the children to read and instil a lifelong love of books. Reading will improve children’s literacy skills, help teach skills like information and as well other areas such as creativity, building confidence and empathy.”

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